Expert Action Pty Ltd
Expert Action Pty Ltd develops automated currency trading software. Providing Better Returns.

Expert Action Pty Ltd has researched and developed a range of proprietary automated software for trading the currency markets. The software, known in the industry as an Expert Advisor or EA, operates automatically opening, modifying and closing trades based upon tested proprietary algorithms.

Best 1 Day Trading Result

Expert Action had it’s best trading day on Wednesday 30 May 2018 with all 3 currency pairs trading when our R&D Test account earned 1.22% on one day.

Purpose of Trading

In the words of our Managing Director, Paul Monsted -
“The purpose of trading is to make a profit consistently and sustainably with as low risk as possible.”

Expert Action has achieved consistent, reliable higher returns with low risk.

Our Goal

With access to our consistent, higher returns we aim to help everybody globally.
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Expert Action Does Not Do High Frequency Trading

Expert Action does not do high frequency trading which moves in and out of positions in seconds. We have never done it and we never will.

Overview of Automated Currency Trading Software

Automated EA software has the following characteristics:-

*It is automated software. This means that the computer enters trades, modifies trades and closes trades.
*The software has preset default take profit prices and stop loss prices.
*Within the default take profit and stop loss settings, the software adjusts the closing of trades to maximise profits and reduce losses if the initial trade direction turns out to be incorrect.